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Learn more how a Batteries works

It's useful to know that there is a difference between the regular alkaline batteries you use in home and your car battery. Car batteries are made of a collection of plates, submerged into an electrolyte solution and not made of solid material. A Car Battery starts with a chemical reaction releasing electrons, which flow through the battery's conductors to generate electricity. Older vehicles require regular top ups to replace the liquid electrolyte. However, more modern Car Batteries come as a completely sealed unit where little intervention is required.

More information about Batteries

Flat Battery

If you discover that your battery is flat due to you accidentally leave your lights, radio or other accessories on, your Car Battery will slowly drain until it is no longer capable of starting the car.

In many cases it is possible to have your Car Battery recharged. Contact a Qualified Auto Electrician who will advice you if its possible to get it recharged or is specialised equipment that you will be able to recharge a Car Battery, an Auto Electrician is sometimes able to recharge it.

Its not always possible to for a Better to hold the same amount of charge it once did and its probably time to plan for a battery replacement.

When the Car Battery reaches a certain point where permanent change due to a chemical reaction upon discharge has occurred, then the battery has reached its 'used-by' date and would be considered 'Dead". At this point it would need to be replaced.

Checking Battery during Your Service

An Auto Electrician is able to check your batteries performance during a regular service. Special tools are required to determine how well your battery is holding its charge and how its recharging where the supply is coming from the Alternator. At this point, we can estimate how much battery life is remaining and when we would recommend a replacement. This is particularly important to fit into your maintenance plan as this could potentially fail when you least expect and potentially leaving you stranded and inconvenienced - costing you most money in the long run. 


Car Battery Quality

There are many and varying types and options available on the market. ALL STAR GAS recommend several brands of Car Batterithat are good-quality and will meet your needs and work into your budget. We can provide you with the necessary informaton you will need to make an informed decision, options available and advice - just ask us and we can happily help you and what we use and recommend.